Price: €165/m

The 90 day challenge contains:

  • unlimited group personal training

  • weekly outdoor bootcamps

  • monthly bodyscan follow-up

  • custom home work-outs

  • personal nutrition advice

  • included healthy nutrition packs

Welcome to the Edge 90 day spring challenge!

Let us introduce ourselves:

In Edge we combine the expertise of our physiotherapist with the know-how and experience of our personal coaches, not only to get you moving in a correct way, but also to get you to eat clean. That way we can coach you to your personal goal.

With our 90 day challenge, we want to give you the opportunity to really commit to reach your goal, fully supported by our coaches in training as well as in nutritional habits!

Before you have to decide whether you're up for it, we want to invite you to our info meeting. Here you can meet the coaches, the team you will be training with, see the details of the challenge, set your goal and see how to get there step by step! At the end of the meeting you can sign up!

Click "register here" to sign up for the info event