Dear visitor,

As a member-exclusive-training studio we need to be creative in times of crisis. 

Fortunately some of our services can be transferred to online services. This way we can keep on giving our members the interactive and personal guidance from the trainers they know, but from the safety of their own living rooms.

We would like to offer everyone access to the same quality of service our members get. That's why our trainers are hosting interactive video workouts, 5 times a week at €15 per week.

If you can't come to the gym, we'll bring the gym to you!   

What can you expect: 

-  Scheduled Functional training workouts customized to your living room (see tab "CORONA uurrooster)

     HiiT (wed at 19h, fri at 18h and sun at 11h )

     Strength & endurance (tue at 18h and thu at 12.15h)

     Back & core stability (mon at 19h, wed at 8h30 and sat 11h )  

-  Personal group video classes 

-  A club vibe in your own living room

How does it work:


1. buy a digital access key through the form below

2. every week we will send you a new access key

3. log on with the key to the video platform and let's get sweaty! 

Oh, and one more thing,...

To be able to keep the lights running after the crisis we will need some help... If you'd like to help us keep finding peoples edge after all this is over and you can afford to make a small donation, that would mean the world to us!

Fill out the form below to get access or give some support

(after you fill in the form, you will receive a mobile banking payment link.

Once we can confirm your payment your acces key will be sent to your email address)  

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Thanks for your contribution! We will send you a payment link soon.